War. War Never Changes

from by Undermine

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I won't say where the inspiration for this song birthed, anyone that recognizes the title should get it right away ;)

Our "epic" track that delves into choice and the concept learning to survive the choices made


Pressing onward despite this sence of dread
Warnings we'll loose ourselves echoing inside our heads
Smell of ashes
Footprints on shallow graves
the faces that I've changesd will haunt my dreams until that final day

Yet I will not be affraid of today
For in this way that heroes are made

Justifying or lying to ourselves
No victory's to be had if we forfiet our souls

When the smoke begins to fade away
Will we stand on what we did that day

Staring down the barrel of
Decisions that will define humanity
These hands will never come clean
No matter how I try
How I try

Let's turn it around
Let's start again
For all this time we've been going nowhere
No burn it all down
Down to the ground
Till all the screams are finally silenced

But how can we move on with our lives
If we can't fcace our own reflections
And how do we learn from past mistakes
If we repeat this endless cycle

We're going nowhere
Nowhere fast

Eyes are blurry from all of these preconceived misperceptions
Hands are shaking, so bloodied bruised and broken from
Tearing at the walls
Pounding at the walls we've built ourselves
Brick by salt stained brick

We're going nowhere
Nowhere fast


from Shh, It's too Quiet, released January 30, 2013
Performed by: Undermine
Written by: Undermine
Recorded at: Undercity Studios
Engineered by: Taylor Voeltz
Ass. Engineer: Dana Willax
Cover art: Curtis Reif



all rights reserved


Undermine Palmdale, California

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